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Health Check Up

Health Check Up is part of Holy Family Hospital 's pursuance of excellence in healthcare and belief that preventative care is a wise investment. The Health Check program is a thorough determination of your health status with a customized wellness program for your continued good health.

The Health Check-up Programme has been designed to study and test every vital organ in your body and screen you at the earliest for any major impending illness. It could be the most useful hours you ever spent for yourself.

Why have a health check-up?

1. To know the condition or state of one's body.
2. To prevent sickness or diseases that may happen unawares.
3. To get early treatment when sickness or disease occurs.
4. To pinpoint potential areas of risk.
5. To prevent future health problems and give you professional advice on what to do.

What happens during a health check program?

Assessments are carried out in comfortable and welcoming surroundings with a calm and relaxed manner. Most of our units are able to provide preliminary results on the day which will give the doctor the opportunity to discuss his/her findings in advance of the detailed written report which will follow within the next 7 days. This report includes interpretation of all of the test results and recommendations for improving and maintaining health. Consultations and medical reports are completely confidential.

Is it for me?

Health Check-Up Program is for everyone.


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