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Department of Orthopedics :

The Department of Orthopedics has evolved by leaps and bounds over the recent years to provide state of art services incorporating the latest advances in knowhow, materials, skills, and expertise. Staffed by three senior consultants - Dr.B.Nair, Dr.P.S.Gill& Dr. BirenNadkarni,a junior consultant Dr.P.Kriplani and three senior residents, we cover an extensive field ranging from primary to revision arthroplasty of the hip , knee and shoulder, arthroscopic surgeries of the shoulder and knee, the whole spectrum of trauma, paediatricorthopaedics, deformity correction and foot & ankle surgeries Along with a highly motivated and skilled physiotherapy department, and in concert with our plastic and neurosurgical colleagues we now offer the whole gamut of the latest in curative ,reparative & reconstructive orthopaedic surgery.

Joint Replacement surgery evidences this most dramatically. Around 300 surgeries annually, we are using a variety of the latest implants available in the international market designed to permit more stability while allowing a wider range of motion. Alongside superior materials and designs mimicking the natural, these ensure a more lasting, better result. These include (among others ) different metals, cemented/uncemented,different interfaces eg: Porous coating to allow better bone ingrowth, Oxinium for less friction, different interface eg: metal on polyethylene, ceramic on poly,ceramic on ceramic, mobile bearing surfaces ,high cross linked poly to decrease wear and more complicated rotating hinged devices.

We are also majorly into Revision Arthroplasty (the redo of a failed primary replacement) -a field that is now coming of age and will soon be the topical challenge given the number of primary hips reaching their shelf life. This surgery is more problematic and demanding and very different from the primary. Again , we are using better techniques and materials including cages ,rings and trabaecular metal (mimicking bone) for filling defects and for support when host bone is insufficient or not feasible, or even use custom built prosthesis to fit individual patients.

Trauma Surgery continues to be a major part of our practice with close to over 700 surgeries carried annually. Here again we have a multitude of newer systems including titanium implants ,locking plate systems ,contoured implants for oteoporotic bone, tensile nails, newer fixators ,paediatric implants. These along with minimally invasive techniques have enabled us to provide better results.

Pelvic &Acetabular injury reconstructions are set apart in that they are fraught with complications and poor results and demand a high level of specific training and experience and we are pleased with our successes in this field.

The Sub-Specialties have also thrived with paediatric surgery- congenital malformations (hip and foot), major deformity corrections, limp lengthening, sports medicine ,spinal surgery, muscle power enhancement , and preventive orthopaedics - all benefitting from advances in technique and technology.

We now look to further enhance our capabilities and scope as we look to set up a Bone Bank and also eye advances in computer aided technology be it design/planning /skills.