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Department of Paediatrics :
The department is committed to providing comprehensive health care to babies and children. Round the clock medical and surgical care is provided by experienced doctors and nurses.

There is a 50 bedded children ward catering to children needing medical attention. The Paediatric intensive care unit is well equipped with modern ventilators, monitors and other equipment needed to care for extremely sick children like these is shock, with severe infection, coma, renal, respiratory and other life threatening conditions.

The neonatology facilities, one of the oldest in South Delhi, are at par with any level III nursery in the city. The 20 bedded NICU and 11 bedded outborn nursery contribute to the care of the extremely low birth weight babies and there with special needs. The annual admission rate in the nurseries is about 2000 babies. Sick neonates with extreme prematurity, extremely low birth weight, those needing ventilator, surfactant, exchange transfusions are cared for in the NICU.

The 24 hours lab, radiology and blood bank services aid in the care of the sick children with a resulting survival of babies as low as 750 gms. Screening for Hearing and Thyroid disorder is done for all babies.

These tiny survivors are then followed up by Ophthalmologist, ENT specialists, Ped. Neurologist, Occupational Therapists apart from Paediatrician thus providing complete on-going care.

Other super-specialties :

The department has various super-specialties like PaedGastroenterology, Paed.Nephrology and Paed.Neurology with highly qualified doctors attending to the in-patients as well as running the speciality clinics. Procedures like Paediatric endoscopies and dialysis (peritoneal and Hemodialysis) are available to children needing them.

Outpatient department : There is a busy outpatient department with dedicated days for specialty clinics and immunization. An asthma clinic has been started recently.

Treatments : Treatment modalities for acute care in Paediatric ventilation, specialized monitoring, respiratory therapies, endoscopy, dialysis are available. Neonatal ventilator, Surfactant administration, exchange transfusion, phototherapy care of premature babies, laser therapy for Retinopathy of pre-maturity are available.

Procedures : Procedures like Lumbar Puncture, Pleural Aspiration, Bone Marrow Aspiration, Ascitic Tap, Central Venous Catheter Placement, Peritoneal & Hemodialysis, Paediatric Gastro-endoscopies are routinely carried out.


- Dr. Sona Chowdhary (Head of Department)
- Dr. Yogesh Parashar
- Dr. Dinesh Raj
- Dr. A.S. Vasudeva (Paed. Nephrologist)
- Dr. R.R. Pandey (Paed. Neurologist)


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