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General Informations/ Instructions

  1. Valuables / Mobile Phone etc. are kept at your own risk. Please do not keep any valuables in the hospital. Jewellery should be removed and sent home at the time of admission. The hospital will not be responsible for any loss/damage.
  2. Flowers /bouquet and Eatables are not allowed inside the ward area.
  3. Hospital diet/food is compulsory for the patient. If the patient is NPO, patient's food will not be supplied to the attendant of the patient. Diet/Food for the attendant will be charged separately as per Schedule of Charges.
  4. Check-out Time : The official check-out time for discharged patients is 11:00 A.M.
  5. Blood Transfusion :- In the interest of your patient, it is advisable that he/she is given blood from a reliable voluntary donor. Please arrange suitable donors in case blood transfusion is required.
  6. Patients transferred to CCU, Labour Room and Post-operative ICU will not be allowed to retain their room/bed. As per hospital policy, each patient can occupy only one bed at a time.
  7. (I) Attendant's Pass :-

    Category No. of Passes Validity
    (a) PR - Single Private Room : 2 Passes for 24 Hrs.
    (b) SPR - Semi Private Room : 1 Pass for 24 Hrs*.
    (c) NSB (Non-Subsidised Bed - 4 or 5
        Bedded Room)
    : 1 Pass for 9AM to 7PM*
    (d) SB (Subsidised Bed) : 1 Pass for 9AM to 7PM*

    Note :- * Male attendant will not be allowed in female ward/Room between 7:00 P.M. to 9:00A.M. except PR (Single Private Room) accommodation.

    (II) Visitor's Pass :- Visiting Time is 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M only. Two passes will be issued to each patient, to facilitate visits by one visitor per pass (including children above 2 years).

    (III) To minimize the risk of infection to patients and visitors(especially children), it is advisable to restrict the number of visitors and visits to your patients.

    (IV) All the passes must be returned back to Cashier or Billing Deptt at the time of final settlement.
  8. Advance & Bill Payment :-
    (I) At the time of admission, an advance amount (as requested by the Assessment Office) is to be deposited by patient/attendant. Payment should be made in cash or through Credit/Debit card (Master/Visa only).

    (II) In case you have the cheque from P.S.U. (your employer etc.) for advance, deposit the same immediately or before the final billing process. The said P.S.U. should be approved by us for cheque payment collection. No individual's cheques are accepted.

    (III) Further advance should be deposited as and when the Assessment Office requests for the same.

    (IV) Periodically, Provisional Bills will be issued and the same should be settled immediately or as advised by the Assessment Office.

    (V) All advance payments will be adjusted against the final bill. No refund will be done before Final settlement.

    (VI) At the time of discharge, payment of the full amount due, must be made in cash or through Credit/Debit card (Master/Visa only).
  9. (I) Credit Facility :- The hospital will provide treatment on Credit Facility, only when a "Letter of Credit" is received from the concerned empanelled institution or organisation as per the terms & conditions agreed with the empanelled institution or organisation.

    (II) Cashless Facility :-
    (a) Cashless Facility will be provided to empanelled TPA and Insurance Co.'s client as per agreed terms & conditions and is subject to the approval from the concerned TPA and Insurance Co.

    (b) At the time of admission an amount as Security Deposit is required. Security Deposit will be refunded/adjusted against part payment/co-payment or Non-medical Expenses(NME) at the time of final settlement and discharge.

    For any discussion or clarification please contact to our TPA Desk/Assessment Office.
  10. Re-imbursable cases not to opt Subsidised Bed (SB) category :- Patients entitled for reimbursement from their employer/Insurance company will be accommodated in Non Subsidised Bed(NSB), Semi Private(SPR) or Private Room(PR) only. As per Hospital policy, Subsidised Beds(SB) will only be allotted to economically impoverished patients and who are not the beneficiaries of any organizational reimbursement scheme. If a patient opts to occupy a Subsidised Bed (SB), the Final Bill with payment receipt will only be issued. In such cases, Neither printed details of the bill nor "Emergency/Essentiality Certificate" will be issued. No form for reimbursement will be signed by any doctor or official.
  11. Shifting from one category to another :- In normal course, shifting from higher category to lower category is not allowed. In case the patient is shifted from lower to higher category, the charges for surgical procedure/s, doctor/s visits, consultatitons, any other professional fees and other variable charges (except Bed charges) will be charged as per higher category from the date of admission.
  12. Should you have any queries, please discuss with your Consultant/Nurse supervisor to seek clarification.

- Medical Superintendent



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