Neurosurgery & Spine Surgery

This is a well-equipped, modern and comprehensive department which has evolved over the years to provide state of the art services for the treatment of the diseases of Brain, Spine and Peripheral Nervous System. We have a team of Senior, skilled neurosurgeons with extensive experience and expertise providing patient focussed approach at affordable cost.

We handle all elective and emergency brain and spine surgery cases..

Brain Surgery
  • Microsurgery for brain tumours,we use stereotaxyand navigation system to ensure precision and safety of patient.
  • Head trauma management and surgery. Head injury cases continues to form a substantial number of all neurosurgical admissions. We have a well equipped I.C.U and good support of all other specialities so Holy Family Hospital is considered a major referral hospital for multi trauma patients.
  • Surgery for Brain haemorrhage and Stroke. These are critical,life saving Surgeries and our team works in close association with Neurologist &intensivist.
  • Endoscopic Brain Surgery is relatively new and evolving sub speciality. Endoscopic pituitary tumour surgery is most commonly performed surgery. Endoscopic surgeries are less invasive,minimal blood loss with less discomfort to patient.
We work in close association with ENT Surgeons.
  • Paediatric age group brain operations like brain tumour surgery,surgeryfor hydrocephalous,encephalocele and other congenital (by Birth) brainanomalies.
  • Neurovascular Surgery includes operation for aneurysm and A.V.M. Now-a-days many patients can be treated without operation by coiling,stentingand ballooning. However,a small number of patients my need operativeintervention like clipping.
  • Functional Neurosurgical procedures:
    • Radio frequency ablation for trigeminal neuralgia (severe facial pain)
    • D.B.S (Deep Brain Stimulation) for Parkinsonism, Dystonia
    • Implantation of Baclofen pump for severe spasticity of limbs.
Neuro Spine Surgery
  • Micro Surgery for Lumbar and Cervical disc prolapse. Low back and neckpain is a major life style problem. Most of the patients (95% - 98%) can betreated by a short course of medication,Physiotherapy and life stylechanges. However,a small number of patients may need surgicalintervention. Micro Surgical procedure ensures short hospital stay,leastdiscomfort to patient and early return to normal activity.
  • Spinal Instrumentation Surgery for Cervical and Lumbar instability.
  • Micro Surgery for Spinal Cord Tumors.
  • Surgery for tuberculosis of Spine.
  • Vertebroplasty andkyphoplasty (strengthening of Spinal Vertebrae bybone Cement) for Osteoporotic fracture and tumour fractures.
  • Management and Surgery for Spinal Injury. Spinal injuries can bedevastating with life long neurological deficits. A timely and properneurosurgical intervention alongwith the robust efforts of Physiotherapistand rehabilitation expert can give amazing out comes.
  • Surgery for Congenital (by birth) Spinal anomalies like Myelomeningocele,Syringomyelia and host of other anomalies.
  • Endoscopic Spine Surgery and MISS ( minimally invasive spine surgery) arethe evolving new frontiers.
  • Peripheral Nerve Surgery - surgery for nerve injuries,brachial plexus injury,nerve tumours and various nerve entrapment like Carpel tunnel surgery.
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