Message From The Director

Holy Family Hospital has been committed to excellence of care for people irrespective of caste, creed or religion since its existence in 1953.

Today health care has grown beyond our imagination. The trends and technologies in health care are transforming medical services at a rapid pace. We have achieved a lot in the past 70 years and tried to keep pace with the times. The challenge is to continue providing quality health care at an affordable cost despite the ever increasing cost of equipment and medical staff.

At Holy Family Hospital, we are united in our determination to continue our steady efforts so that we can provide highly advanced affordable medical care that is safe, secure and caring and in a manner that lives up to the expectations of patients and the wider community, based on the ethics of medical care, medical science and nursing.

All of us who value life are part of this noble act of reaching out to the suffering humanity who cannot afford expensive medical treatment. Even the smallest contribution you make is going to make a big difference to the lives of thousands of patients who walk in to Holy Family Hospital.

Looking forward to serve the humanity, upholding the ethical value, mission and vision of the Holy Family Hospital.

Fr. George P.A.