Nephrology department at Holy Family Hospital is taking care of patients with all kinds of Kidney disease since 1990. Treatment is very much affordable with maintaining high standards of care.

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We are doing around 24,000 dialysis sessions in a year.


We are providing treatment on outdoor (OPD) and indoor (IPD) basis for kidney disorders with diabetes and hypertension, for difficult to control blood pressure, kidney diseases with protein and blood in urine, kidney diseases with high uric acid levels, and other kidney disorders like ADPKD, recurrent kidney stone disease etc, acute kidney failure and chronic kidney failure.

  • Vascular access: All kind of vascular access procedures are being done in our department - Irregular/subclavian vein catheterization, permcath, AV fistula, AV graft, Doppler study and fistulogram for poorly functioning fistulas.
  • CAPD catheterization.
  • Acute peritoneal catherization.
  • Plasma exchange - Plasma apheresis Therapeutic plasma exchange/Plasma apheresis for various kidney diseases specially for rapidly progressing renal failure. GBS, Myasthenia gravis etc.
  • Kidney Biopsy : Real time USG guided kidney biopsy is being performed with excellent outcome.
  • Kidney Transplant : low risk and high risk kidney transplant including ABO incomparable kidney transplant.

Diagnostic All sort of diagnostics are available in Holy Family Hospital related toKidney disorders.


Haemodialysis: Dept. has got large haemodialysis unit with 30 stations with best and latest haemodialysis machines. Centre is following international (AAMI) and national (ISN) guidelines to maintain high standards of care. Hospital is providing haemodialysis round the clock and for all emergencies.

Sustained low efficiency dialysis (SLED) : usually being done in sick patients admitted in ICU. 5 dialysis stations are dedicated for ICU patients.

CRRT: State of art CRRT dialysis machine available for critically ill patients.

Acute peritoneal dialysis: Short-term peritoneal dialysis usually being performed in sick admitted patients.

Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) - CAPD in home-based long- term dialysis. This therapy is a good alternative to haemodialysis and cost effective as well.

Nephrology department is having full time as well as visiting nephrologists on board. A team of Senior Residents, Junior Residents and dialysis technician/nurses are working under supervision of Senior Consultant Nephrologist.

Holy Family Hospital is running an active, successful and affordable renal transplant program. Kindly contact at transplant helpline +91 7503132549 for further details.

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