The ENT department of HFH is manned by Dr. Sanjay Sood, Yogesh Jain, Arun Wadhawan and Meenakshi Jain. It is one of the better equipped departments in the NCR region with a Zeiss microscope, Microdebrider and Bien Air drill. The various consultants have been working as a cohesive group with an aim to develop the various subspecialties (Otology, Rhinology, Head & Neck Cancer, Skullbase surgery) of ENT.

The ENT department sees approximately 1500 patients in the OPD and conducts about 25 surgeries every month. The entire range of ENT surgeries are routinely being performed here. It has to it's credit the distinction of the first Private sector hospital to perform an Acoustic Neuroma excision in North India. It is an extremely progressive department with a distinct predilection for adopting newer techniques like Coblation Surgery for Tonsils, adenoids and Sleep Apnoea. It has been regularly collaborating with the neurosurgery department to perform state of the art Skull base procedures like Endoscopic CSF leak repairs and Pituitary surgeries. This of course is in addition to the routine ENT procedures like Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Tympanoplasty, Mastoidectomy etc. The department has also been the first in the NCR region to start a clinical audit of it's surgical results. The first such audit is presently being conducted to access the surgical outcomes of Tympanoplasties done in HFH as well as it's impact on the quality of life of the patients.

The department also includes a completely equipped Audiology and speech Pathology division. It was one of the earliest units in NCR to offer universal hearing screening for newborns in collaboration with the Paediatric department. All babies born in our hospital undergo this screening which has helped in early detection of hearing impairments leading to timely interventions to prevent speech delays.

Clinical Team