The ICU/Critical care department of Holy Family Hospital is amongst the most well equipped in Delhi NCR region. It offers round the clock care to critically ill patients with potentially life-threatening conditions, and complex Medical and Surgical illnesses. There are 48 state of the art intensive care unit beds and 17 Semi-ICU beds, including positive pressure and negative pressure ventilation beds, which provide isolation areas.

All beds and central nursing stations are equipped with advanced monitoring systems. Organ support systems, like non-invasive and mechanical ventilators, haemodialysis and CRRT machines, and even advanced ventilatory and circulatory techniques like ECMO are available bedside. Fibreoptic bronchoscopy, percutaneous tracheostomy, 2D echo and ultrasound are frequently used bedside for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

In keeping with the policy of providing Quality health care services to the community at large and to the needy, emphasis is placed on the identification of ethical and economical issues pertaining to critical care management. Team consists of 25 doctors, which includes Critical Care Consultants, Clinical Associates, Senior Residents and DNB Resident doctors.

Clinical Team